Guess what? there is a lot of gross margin in Locum Tenens
Ever wonder why your getting call after call from locums companies that seem to have popped up overnight? Its because the locums industry has conditioned the market into believing that a 40% or 50% (or even higher) gross margin rate is required to cover the costs of insurance and recruitment. This means that your paying nearly twice what the medical provider is receiving.

Solerica believes in making a profit too, but our rates are fair and we'll never price-gouge you. You'll get the same quality provider for a lower rate. If you like paying top-dollar, just wait a few minutes and your phone will ring with another locums company trying to convince you to pay a 40%+ gross-margin rate.

Single point of Contact
Solerica will always provide a single point of contact for your organization including locum tenens, permanent placement, credentialing and time reporting / expenses. We believe in a streamlined experience.

Reasonable Placement fees
If you want to permanently hire a locums provider we help you locate, we wont charge the industry-standard price of 25% for that either.

Contingency Pricing Only
Whether its locum tenens or permanent placement, you will never pay Solerica until locum tenens work is performed or a permanent position is filled. Reducing your financial exposure is another way Solerica offers high quality service.

So how can Solerica provide the same quality providers for less?
What's the secret? Solerica believes in a long-term relationship. Our marketers and recruiters would rather make a little less now and earn your trust for repeat business in the future.

How do you get started?
Click the Contact Us page and let us know about a few of your open positions. We'll find you a highly qualified candidate and you can compare our rates to other locums companies. We think you'll see the difference. Experience the high-integrity approach Solerica brings to Locum Tenens.